Cyclist awarded AUD$1.6m after being hit by another cyclist then struck by car

An Australian cyclist has been awarded AUD$1.6 million after being knocked from his bike by a fellow cyclist then run over by a car. The man was left with painful injuries including a broken pelvis and a broken bone in his spine, as well as internal bleeding. The accident happened on Capital Circle in Canberra’s centre in June 2009 as the man travelled home from work with the second cyclist. The other man said he hit a piece of wood that threw his bike off balance, hitting the victim and knocking him onto the road.

Lud Kevec

The cyclist, Lud Kevec, after the accident

The injured man had been a keen triathlete and had a successful career working on IT contracts. Following the accident his capacity for work was reduced to about 25 hours a week and he no longer competed in triathlons. The victim claimed the other cyclist was liable as he had not kept a proper lookout or seen the wood. Justice John Burns found the defendant liable for the accident. “I am satisfied that the defendant breached his duty of care to the plaintiff, and that the plaintiff ’s injuries as a consequence of falling from his bike and being struck by a car directly flow from the defendant’s negligence,” he said. The compensation included general damages, and loss of earnings and superannuation.

Article courtesy of Touchline Magazine