The Peak Performance training and strength programs have been an enormous benefit. Recently at the NCCWMA and Canadian Masters Championships I ran second in the 100 in 13.9, and second again in the 200 in 31.03, losing by a slim margin to a US Athlete who is ranked 9th in the world in our age group.
Without these training programs I know I would not have performed as well.

Peter W Evans
Masters athlete


Your publication is by far my favorite sports science read. I like the way it sorts through the minefield of research out there and condenses it into practical applications.

I have enjoyed articles about strength training and supplements for athletes, I think these are particularly confusing topics among endurance athletes, many know it is good idea to strength train and to know they should be taking the right supplements but are not quite sure where to start.

When I got on the right strength training program I was able to take 16 minutes off my 70.3 time, I had been trying for 3 years to get under 4hr 30 minutes and in the end, I crushed that barrier, my new PR is 4hr 16 min 52 seconds.

Hayley Benson
Triathlete, running & triathlon coach and physiotherapist


I find the articles well written and concise enough to get the message across without labouring through the research’s methodology or results analysis. Thanks to Peak Performance I can continually tweak my charges training plans, diets, use of supplements, techniques etc with the confidence of having the latest research to back me up.

Roy Chamberlain
Cycling athlete & coach, and Manager of Cranfield University’s Sports Centre


It is a super read every month, full of important and very interesting information based on sound scientific studies and grounded in programs with solid recommendations. I have raised a few questions with Andrew during the past year, the most recent regarding turmeric supplementation, and Andrew has responded very quickly with clear answers to my questions.

Brendan McMorrow


Part of my role is to keep up to date with the Exercise Industry and advise on workplace-based training in the Exercise industry. Peak Performance provides a credible source of information which can form the basis of conversations with my industry contacts.

Alan Reynolds
Exercise Industry Development Advisor – Fitness Skills Active Aotearoa


I am constantly looking for research based information that is proven to help our athletes become more successful. Peak Performance does precisely that. Andrew Hamilton has a passion and quest for achieving the best in human performance and I look forward to each month’s copy.

Robert Serres
Cross country & track and field coach


Peak Performance is the best in service a teacher could get. I have also used the material to produce programs for my own sons. One of my sons is the fittest and fastest in the youth A league for the Western Sydney Wanderers Football club.

Andrew Stewart
Personal development, health and physical education teacher


I love Peak Performance and find it without a doubt the best read for me each month. I find it invaluable for information that is well sourced and it’s written in a way that is easily digestible.

Anna Mackay
Personal trainer


I have incorporated strength drills and specific exercises from Peak Performance in my club circuit sessions and I have been able to take on board the scientific results mentioned. I have found these thought provoking, as often they can go against common “knowledge”.

Lucy MooreFox
Master weight lifter
Track and field athlete and coach

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