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Midnight snacking may make athletes fatter

The later you stay up at night, the higher your risk of tacking on unwanted body fat. That’s the somewhat strange story which has emerged from recent research carried out in France. The new French studies were carried out because previous research had uncovered two startling facts: (1 ) When factory workers change from day […]

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Low-intensity workouts lead to weight loss

Low-intensity workouts lead to greater weight loss than high-intensity exercise that expends the same amount of overall energy, according to a new study carried out in Greece. Fourteen healthy premenopausal untrained women were divided into two equal groups, which exercised on a treadmill at either 45% or 72% of VO2max four times a week for […]

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How good is the ‘bod pod’?

Athletes from a variety of different sports feel the need to monitor their body composition. Resistance-trainers, for example, check weight changes and percentage body fat on a regular basis to ensure that the gains they make are in the form of lean mass rather than fat; endurance athletes are often concerned about potential gains in […]

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Fat-burning after ovulation

Female athletes fire up fat burning after ovulation, but does it make any difference to weight loss or competitive performance? Most people are aware that strenuous endurance training can disrupt normal menstruation in female athletes, but few are aware of the effect that the menstrual cycle itself can have on training and performance. Now, researchers […]

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Fat and body fat levels – cyclists

As competitive cyclists search for ways to improve their workouts and performances, they often focus on their body-fat levels. Most cyclists want to get rid of surplus body fat so that they will have less ‘excess baggage’ to carry as they train and compete. Paradoxically, although cyclists hate flabbiness, many of them actually take in […]

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How endurance training helps women keep their weight down

Endurance training leads to metabolic changes which favour leanness in women. That is the main conclusion of a Canadian study which compared the thermogenic (energy-burning) response to food and other metabolic changes after eating in 12 endurance-trained and 13 untrained women. The trained subjects were distance runners or triathletes, who had been training for at […]

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