Concurrent strength and endurance training: the best of both...

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Whether you’re a cyclist, runner, swimmer or triathlete, most of what determines your performance is determined by aerobic fitness and endurance capacity. However, when’s all said and done, an endurance athlete who has good strength as well as good endurance will always perform better than one who has good endurance but poor strength. It’s not... MORE

Better living through chemistry?

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In 1996, Fatboy Slim released his debut album, ‘Better Living Through Chemistry’. It’s certainly true that modern Chemistry has given as a wonderful array of new materials and compounds, which have profoundly benefited lives all around the globe. Moreover, advances in our understanding of food chemistry and technology means that today’s athletes now have access... MORE

Running injury: get back to where you once belonged!

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One of the hardest things about picking up a running injury is knowing when you’re ready to return to running. Tracy Ward looks at strategies you can use such as self-assessment, gait analysis, and also provides a running-specific strength training programme. Runners typically have some of the highest injury rates of all athletes; the yearly... MORE

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