Recovery nutrition

Which whey to go? How to choose the right...

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The importance of post-exercise recovery cannot be overstated. If you can recover faster, you can train harder again sooner. And over time, this means getting bigger fitness gains, and with less chance of illness or injury. In recent years, sports nutritionists have come to understand that as well as carbohydrate and fluid, post-exercise protein is... MORE

A morning cuppa for recovery

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Unlike many sports supplements on the market, caffeine has been rigorously tested and proven to improve endurance performance – especially during longer events. By stimulating the central nervous system, caffeine can fight fatigue, which helps maintain performance during the later stages of exercise. In recent years, caffeine has been further investigated, and studies suggest that... MORE

Better living through chemistry?

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In 1996, Fatboy Slim released his debut album, ‘Better Living Through Chemistry’. It’s certainly true that modern Chemistry has given as a wonderful array of new materials and compounds, which have profoundly benefited lives all around the globe. Moreover, advances in our understanding of food chemistry and technology means that today’s athletes now have access... MORE

Maximising the anabolic response to training

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Nick Tiller presents six evidence-driven but seldom practised methods by which athletes can promote the anabolic process to maximise training adaptation, promote recovery and improve athletic performance. Anabolism is considered to be any state in which nitrogen is retained in lean body mass, and can occur via the stimulation of protein synthesis in the muscle... MORE

Carbohydrate loading is an important aspect of post exercise...

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Loading up with carbohydrates during recovery from strenuous exercise promotes a high level of muscle glycogen resynthesis Loading up with carbohydrates during recovery from strenuous exercise promotes a high level of muscle glycogen resynthesis. But this does not necessarily translate into improved subsequent endurance performance, according to a new British study.The study examined the effects... MORE

Just how effective is a massage post exercise?

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Research suggests that active recovery is the best way of enhancing lactate removal after exercise After exercise, one of the factors contributing to fatigue is the build-up of excess lactic acid in muscles. Massage has been advocated as a means of speeding up post-exercise recovery – it is claimed that this is due to three... MORE

Running injuries: how to approach recovery training

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Running places specific demands on the body, which lead to structural and functional adaptations In this article Matt Lancaster considers the management of the (often difficult) transition from injury to full training.Like any sport, running places specific demands on the body, which lead to structural and functional adaptations. A key difference between running and many... MORE

Post-exercise muscle recovery

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The need to consume protein and carbohydrates after exercise has become the central plank of most post-exercise recovery strategies Since the dawn of sports nutrition as a scientific discipline, one issue has consistently dominated practitioners’ attention – the post-exercise ‘window of opportunity’ for muscle recovery. So entrenched is this concept in muscle recovery culture that... MORE

Glycogen levels need to be replenished post exercise

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Glycogen synthesis: your post-exercise plan The importance of replenishing muscle glycogen stores as well as fluids after heavy exercise is well understood by sports scientists and coaches. But the relatively recent discovery that muscle glycogen synthesis is more rapid if carbohydrate is consumed immediately after exercise has focused attention on early post-race strategies to promote... MORE

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