Hydration and fuelling on the move

Keeping fuelled and hydrated on the move is vital during longer events. In this section, you find the latest science and best practice for training and racing faster for longer.

Sports nutrition: energy drinks

in Hydration and fuelling on the move

Sports drinks – can you have too much of a good thing? There’s no doubt that ensuring optimum fluid and carbohydrate replenishment is vital as a sports supplement for maximising sport performance. But, as Richard Godfrey explains, while this strategy is fine for competition, some scientists are wondering whether the routine use of carbohydrate/fluid replacement... MORE

Sports nutrition and carbohydrate drinks

in Hydration and fuelling on the move

Endurance training – do carbohydrate drinks help? Despite the numerous claims to the contrary by the sports nutrition industry, real advances in sports nutrition are comparatively rare. But recent research into carbohydrate absorption and utilisation could herald a new breed of carbohydrate drink, which promises genuinely enhanced endurance performance. Andrew Hamilton explains Before we go... MORE

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