Dietary basics

Midnight feasting: can it help the following day’s performance?

in Dietary basics, Endurance health and lifestyle, Nutrition for endurance athletes

Early morning training before a proper breakfast has become popular among some endurance athletes as a way of helping the muscles to adapt to exercise low-glycogen training. The theory is that regular training without an ample supply of carbohydrate trains the muscles to become more efficient at burning fat during exercise, which can help with... MORE

Don’t cramp your style!

in Dietary basics

When muscle-cramping strikes, it can scupper even the best-laid plans. Andrew Hamilton looks at commonly-used strategies to minimise cramping risk and explains how recent research provides a revolutionary new anti-cramping approach... MORE

Magnesium for girl power!

in Dietary basics

All athletes know (or should know) that nutrition is an important part of ensuring optimum muscle mass. Exercise breaks down muscle tissue, which is repaired and rebuilt during recovery – providing sufficient protein is available. But while many athletes focus on protein, research shows that – for girls at least – the mineral magnesium could... MORE

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