Dietary basics

The cornerstone of any nutritional plan is a high-quality day-to-day diet. Given that even some elite athletes struggle with dietary basics, this is where you should start.

In this section, you’ll find scientifically-validated information on what constitutes an optimum diet and how to put together an eating plan that will keep you healthy, support your training and racing, and help aid recovery.

Don’t cramp your style!

in Dietary basics

When muscle-cramping strikes, it can scupper even the best-laid plans. Andrew Hamilton looks at commonly-used strategies to minimise cramping risk and explains how recent research provides a revolutionary new anti-cramping approach... MORE

Magnesium for girl power!

in Dietary basics

All athletes know (or should know) that nutrition is an important part of ensuring optimum muscle mass. Exercise breaks down muscle tissue, which is repaired and rebuilt during recovery – providing sufficient protein is available. But while many athletes focus on protein, research shows that – for girls at least – the mineral magnesium could... MORE

Fat adaptation: a fat lot of good?

in Dietary basics, Nutrition for endurance athletes, Weight management

Many athletes are familiar with the concept of training ‘periodisation’, where training volume and intensity are deliberately structured in distinct phases in order to peak for a specific event, while allowing adequate recovery. In recent years however, ‘dietary periodisation’ has been proposed for endurance athletes as a way of enhancing fat metabolism and conserving precious... MORE

Why magnesium matters to athletes

in Dietary basics, Nutrition for endurance athletes, Supplements

Ask most athletes to name some key minerals for human performance nutrition and you’ll probably find calcium, iron, zinc and even chromium popping up in their lists. But they are unlikely to mention magnesium. Despite magnesium’s pivotal role in energy production, many coaches and athletes remain unaware of its critical importance in maintaining health and... MORE

Zone Diet: cut back on carbs and you risk...

in Dietary basics

Have carbs had their day? Imagine a diet that promises ‘(depending on your initial state of health and wellness), increased energy gradual and permanent loss of body fat improved mental acuity…a more restful sleep pattern (and decrease in the amount needed) decreased joint and muscle pain improvement in your cholesterol profile’ surely this must be... MORE

Zinc & Performance

in Dietary basics

Why athletes may need more zinc in their diet Although it plays a role in protein metabolism and growth, zinc has never really been associated with enhanced aerobic performance. But all that may be about to change following a recent American study carried out for the US Department of Agriculture. Fourteen young healthy men were... MORE

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