Strength, conditioning and flexibility

Correctly targeted strength and conditioning training can dramatically enhance endurance. This section provides information on all aspects of conditioning work that will not only boost your performance, but also help prevent injury.

How do creatine and phosphate actually work?

in Strength, conditioning and flexibility

Muscle cells use creatine primarily to form creatine phosphate, a high-octane chemical which provides the energy needed for short, fast efforts. Creatine phosphate does this by ‘donating’ its phosphate to a chemical called ADP; this forms ATP, which provides the energy for all work done by muscle cells.  In addition to supplying energy, creatine phosphate... MORE

Weight training: the Romanian deadlift exercise

in Strength, conditioning and flexibility

How to perform the single-legged Romanian deadlift Muscles involved: Hamstrings, gluteal group, erector spinae group, transversus abdominis. Benefits: Increased lower back and gluteal strength. Functional anatomy: This is a variation on traditional barbell exercises. The pelvic stability of the athlete is strongly challenged as the exercise is performed on only one leg. As you lean... MORE

Weight training: the dumbbell pullover

in Strength, conditioning and flexibility

This exercise strengthens soft tissue, reducing the risk of injury Muscles involved: sides of upper back (latissimus dorsi), backs of shoulders (posterior deltoids), backs of upper arms (triceps).Joint motion: shoulder extension. Sports applicability: sports involving an overhead hitting/throwing motion, eg tennis, the javelin and football throw-in. Conditioning benefits General. The supine straight arm dumbbell pullover... MORE

Weight training for women

in Strength, conditioning and flexibility

Why women avoid weight training – and how coaches can change their minds Weight training women: Female athletes are less likely to perceive weight training as beneficial to their sport than their male counterparts, according to a recent study. This may not seem like much of a problem, but weight training for women can be... MORE

Weight training flexibility

in Strength, conditioning and flexibility

Can weight training really enhance your flexibility? Some readers may believe that strength training and flexibility training are incompatible – that they will reduce their flexibility by lifting heavy weights. This is a myth: research carried out in the 1960s and ‘70s proved that correctly performed resistance exercise does not have a negative impact on... MORE

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