High intensity training

Interval training: how to improve your fitness and increase...

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Owen Anderson explains why training at intensities above 90% VO2max is one of the most potent routes to fitness Cyclists, swimmers, rowers, cross-country skiers, orienteers, triathletes and runners all engage in interval training in order to increase the amount of time they spend exercising at very high intensities. A runner scampering along without stopping at... MORE

Intense training versus volume training

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A new German study confirms that increasing intensity works better than upswings in volume For years we’ve been preaching in these pages about the merits of cranking up the intensity of your training rather than pressing the high-volume button. That philosophy is based on an avalanche of research showing that high-intensity work is best for... MORE

Improve your distance-running performance

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Explosive type strength training enhances distance-running performance One of the most fundamental rules of training is specificity; if you want to train for an event, your training should replicate the demands of that event. The rule of specificity arises because different events tend to rely on different energy systems in the body (which need to... MORE

How red-hot interval training fires up performance in seasoned...

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Use a blend of these interval training techniques for maximum endurance gains High-intensity interval training is known to boost endurance performance, but not much is known about which type of high-quality interval training produces the largest performance gains, especially in well-trained athletes. The optimal intensity and duration of intervals, as well as the length of... MORE

Aerobic system: interval training to improve fitness

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You can vary the intensity, the work period and the rest period but which combination is most effective? Interval training is a well-known method for improving fitness. Technically, it is defined as high-intensity intermittent exercise. In an interval session, high-intensity periods of work are interspersed with rest intervals. In this way athletes can cover more... MORE

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