Endurance training

Training for optimum endurance performance requires a multi-faceted approach. In this section, you’ll find advice on how to train to perform faster, longer and recover more rapidly. You’ll also find information on how to combine the elements of a training programme, specific training techniques, strength and conditioning to reach the next level and stay injury free, along with training advice designed for older athletes

Swim-strength training: don’t be left high and dry!

in Strength, conditioning and flexibility

James Marshall looks at strength training for swimmers, and explains why there’s more to it than meets the eye… Most serious swimmers and triathletes follow highly detailed training plans for their swimming sessions. This includes common principles of training such as progression, recovery, adaptation and tapering for competitions. Unfortunately, in my experience, very few apply... MORE

Embracing change: improve your transitions

in Training structure and planning

John Shepherd looks at multi-event transitions, and how you can enhance them to boost your overall performance Endurance multi-sports, such as triathlon, biathlon and swim-run events require changes in locomotion between the disciplines. These changes also account for elapsed time – time that could affect the overall event result. Indeed, in triathlon, these transitions are... MORE

The Big Chill

in Recovery strategies

Cold therapy, used since ancient times to combat the pain, swelling, and stiffness from intense activity, remains the cornerstone of training room treatment modalities. MORE

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