Coping with emotions

Emotions such as fear, anxiety, stress, motivation, can have a massive impact on your training and racing capabilities. In this section, you’ll find information on how to manage these emotions and harness them to maximum effect.

Stress management in sport

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Sport psychology: take mental charge of your performance Mental stress can hurt your performances in a variety of different ways. It can raise heart rate and oxygen consumption, harming your exercise efficiency and causing particular workout and race speeds to feel tougher than they actually should. It can increase muscle tension, reducing stride lengths (if... MORE

Sports psychology: stress management in sport

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How athletes can avoid emotional burnout in sport Athletics coaches are constantly experimenting on their athletes, whether consciously or not, by seeing how much training they can take. Up to a certain level the athlete improves in performance, to a measurable extent, but there eventually comes a point when the training is too much. The... MORE

Sports Psychology: Maintaining emotional control in competitions

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Competition & Emotional Control Here are some pre-performance strategies for taking control of your emotions before they take control of you. Competition can bring out the best or the worst in athletes, and the psychological demands are especially high when individuals or teams are striving to achieve the same goals. When physical skills are evenly... MORE

Sports Psychology: endurance training

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Using your mind to help with endurance training Ultra endurance psychology – training the mind to take control Endurance performance is mentally tough; the best athletes can push themselves to sustain physical fatigue and remain psychologically positive over long distances and durations. But according to PP contributor Andy Lane, this doesn’t happen by chance; endurance... MORE

Sports Anxiety Theory and Research

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Competition Anxiety Article at a glance: Competition anxiety is defined and its symptoms explained; Research into the causes and measurement of competition anxiety is outlined; Five techniques to help you control anxiety prior to and on the big day are presented. ‘Meet with triumph and disaster and treat these two impostors just the same.’ Rudyard... MORE

Sport Motivation

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To create a positive motivational climate you need more carrot than stick The motivation for participating in sport and striving for improvement is likely to vary considerably from person to person. Indeed, most people have multiple motives rather than single reasons. For example, a tennis player might be attending individual coaching sessions to improve her... MORE

Self confidence

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The majestic self-confidence of Jonny Wilkinson – or how expectations can make or break your performance The image of Jonny Wilkinson majestically kicking his way into the history books during last November’s Rugby World Cup final will live long in the memories of English rugby fans. The decisive drop-goal, scored with just seconds of extra... MORE

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