Endurance psychology

Research shows that the most successful endurance athletes are not only physically prepared, but have developed the right mental approach too. In this section, you’ll find psychological tools and strategies to help maximise your training efficiency and race performances.

Higher states: how to get into the zone and...

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Coaches, athletes, and commentators often attribute episodes of excellent performance to athletes being in a psychological state known as the ‘zone’. Professor Adam Nicholls , explains what this psychological state is, and provides proven techniques for accessing the zone MORE

Sh*t happens guv!

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It’s strange how so many people seem to regard physical and mental functions of the human body as completely separate entities. Strange, because the brain is hardwired into every part of the body, and we have masses of evidence showing that much of what we experience and how we function physically is powerfully regulated by... MORE

Sports psychology and yoga

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How yoga and motivation exercises boost performance Mental preparation for competition is an increasingly important factor in athletes’ training, but there has been very little field research on how the various preparation strategies affect different types of athletic performance. Now a new US study has shown that yoga and motivational exercises can both boost one-mile... MORE

Mental preparation to improve running performance

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When it comes to doing your best, it’s the thoughts that count  When it comes to running – or any other endurance sport – your mind can be your biggest asset or your worst enemy. Enjoying your training and achieving your best performances is not simply down to physical conditioning: your mental states and, particularly,... MORE

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