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Andrew Hamilton presents some of the latest findings from the world of sport performance science MORE

Weight training vests and ankle weights

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Wearing ankle weights and a weight training vests can help you run faster – but do it slowly Many athletes participate in plyometric exercises (jumps, hops, bounds, etc.) as part of their regular training routine but aren’t sure whether the plyometric work should be carried out using only body weight for resistance or with added... MORE

Triathlon Clothing: the benefits of wearing a wetsuit

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Triathletes – why a wetsuit will improve your swimming leg If you’re a triathlete, you’ve got to like wetsuits. They keep frigid water from paralysing your arm and leg muscles and sinking your ship before you make it to shore, and they can improve swimming speed by 3 to 7 per cent, enough to give... MORE

Compression clothing – can it help you squeeze out...

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The use of compression clothing such as elastic shorts, tights and vests has become increasingly widespread amongst athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Injury prevention, style, fit and anecdotal reports of performance and recovery enhancement are all reasons cited for its use. But what scientific evidence is there for its efficacy in speed training? Andy Harrison... MORE

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