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From heart rate variability monitors, to power meters, training apps and body composition monitors; this section provides information on what to choose and how to use the data generated to enhance your performance.

Sports Equipment: is GPS the best route to performance...

in Electronics and software

GPS can provide coaches and athletes with invaluable information, enhancing training programmes and performance GPS is not just about that fancy sat-nav box of tricks sitting on the dash, directing you effortlessly to your destination with the voice of your choice. As Alan Ruddock explains, it can provide coaches and athletes with invaluable information, enhancing... MORE

Heart rate variability analysis: how to improve your training...

in Electronics and software

Heart rate variability analysis (HRVA) is fast becoming a versatile instrument for athletes and coaches. In this article Alan Ruddock provides further evidence for HRVA’s efficacy and gives a step-by-step guide for sportsmen and women who wish to use HRVA as a monitoring tool to enhance training response   In endurance sports, several ‘endurance markers’... MORE

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