Muscles and tendons

For endurance athletes in training, injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments of bones can throw a major spanner in the works. In this section, you’ll find out how to prevent common injuries by building resilience, how to recover faster from an injury already sustained, and how to prevent previous injuries from recurring.

Why are female athletes so susceptible to knee injury?

in Muscles and tendons

Girls and women are much more at risk of serious knee injuries than their male counterparts But research has shown that strength training has an astonishingly protective effect. Owen Anderson describes the curious vulnerability of the female knee.It’s sad but true: female athletes who take part in sports involving jumping and ‘cutting’ (football, basketball, volleyball,... MORE

How runners can prevent and treat plantar fasciitis

in Muscles and tendons

Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the fascia on the bottom of the foot- but how do you get rid of it? Cases of plantar fasciitis can linger for months at a time, with pain increasing and decreasing in an unpredictable pattern. Often, plantar fasciitis discomfort may nearly disappear for several weeks, only to re-emerge... MORE

Sports injuries: detecting early injury-induced muscle damage

in Muscles and tendons

Detection of muscle injury in sport Avoiding injury is crucial for success in sport. The problem is that most athletes only become aware of an injury once it has become major and performance hindering. Any test therefore that could flag early injuries before they become serious or chronic enough to sideline an athlete could be... MORE

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