Sub-optimum immunity can often result in lost training time, particularly during the winter. In this section, you’ll find information on how to structure your training and optimise your nutrition to maximise your immunity and keep well all year round.

Post-exercise immunity: good news for athletes

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Over the past four decades, the relationship between exercise and immunity has been portrayed as something as a double-edged sword: although regular exercise boosts your immunity in the longer term, in the hours immediately after exercise, immunity takes a hit – which can increase your risk of illness and infection, especially colds, coughs and sore... MORE

Sports nutrition: how your diet affects your immune system...

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Exercise is not always kind to the human immune system When sedentary mice begin to exercise regularly, their immune systems become significantly stronger(1). Unfortunately, exercise is not always quite so kind to the human immune system.Acute exercise, in particular, is no friend to your lymphocytes and neutrophils – the white blood cells particularly involved in... MORE

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