Sub-optimum immunity can often result in lost training time, particularly during the winter. In this section, you’ll find information on how to structure your training and optimise your nutrition to maximise your immunity and keep well all year round.

Sports nutrition: how your diet affects your immune system...

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Exercise is not always kind to the human immune system When sedentary mice begin to exercise regularly, their immune systems become significantly stronger(1). Unfortunately, exercise is not always quite so kind to the human immune system.Acute exercise, in particular, is no friend to your lymphocytes and neutrophils – the white blood cells particularly involved in... MORE

Recovery training: too much hard training can devastate your...

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To train well, you must find the right balance between hard work and recovery Creating a great training programme is not just a matter of writing tough, high-quality workouts. Almost anyone can do that.In fact, if reaching maximal athletic potential were simply a matter of finding the right workouts, then you would have no difficulty... MORE

Swimmers’ immune systems

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Swimmers’ immune systems tumble in response to competition; glutamine doesn’t help, but sugar does Exhaustive exercise can suppress athletes’ immune systems; for example, studies have shown that runners who complete a marathon are six times more likely to develop a respiratory-system illness than non-marathoners. However, exercise scientists haven’t been sure whether sports like swimming and... MORE

Sports nutrition: strengthening your immune system

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How the right nutrition can help prevent coughs, colds and flu in the winter You can follow all the fancy training programmes and take all the exotic supplements you want, but if you’re laid up with coughs, colds and flu each winter, you’re never going to reap the rewards of all that hard training. But... MORE

Sports nutrition: how the right diet and training can...

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The importance of immunity for athletes and how best to achieve it Given that even a mild bout of illness can result in a serious setback for fitness, what can athletes do to protect themselves? Andrew Hamilton looks at some intriguing new research from the field of immuno-nutrition and offers some practical advice…You’ve trained long... MORE

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