Endurance health and lifestyle

In this section, you’ll find how to maximise your health by optimising your sleep, stress reduction, dealing with travel and jetlag, and keeping well when abroad.

Ultra training: sleep on it!

in Endurance health and lifestyle

In recent years, sports scientists have discovered that sleep quality and the timing of the sleep-wake cycle (more technically known as the circadian rhythm) are hugely important factors that can affect sport performance(1-3). It’s now known that sleep and sport/exercise have a strong relationship, mutually influencing each other, positively or negatively. Get your sleep health... MORE

Pushing the boundaries: how hard is too hard?

in Endurance health and lifestyle, Recovery strategies, Training structure and planning

As previously mentioned in Peak Performance articles, it is relatively easy to monitor training loads in the gym, the pool, the track and so on(1). However, it’s much harder to monitor the training stress accumulated through matches, races and team training sessions. It’s even harder (if not impossible) to monitor stresses incurred outside the training... MORE

What should athletes do when concussion strikes?

in Endurance health and lifestyle

Knockout blow Concussion is a common problem in sport; participate in a contact sport and it’s estimated that on average you’ll get concussed once for every 4,000 hours of sport you play at best and once every 200 hours at worst! John Bye explains what concussion is and answers some of the questions frequently asked... MORE

Depression, training and overtraining

in Endurance health and lifestyle

Overtraining syndrome is a very common pitfall for athletes and sports people, affecting more than 60% of distance runners during their athletic careers, more than half of professional football players during a five-month competitive season and 33% of basketball players participating in a six-week training camp, according to published research. However, there is no agreed... MORE

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