Endurance injuries and health

No matter how hard you train, illness or injury can scupper the best-laid plans. In this section, you’ll find information on how to keep well and stay injury-free, even when the pressure is on!

Ultra training: sleep on it!

in Endurance health and lifestyle

In recent years, sports scientists have discovered that sleep quality and the timing of the sleep-wake cycle (more technically known as the circadian rhythm) are hugely important factors that can affect sport performance(1-3). It’s now known that sleep and sport/exercise have a strong relationship, mutually influencing each other, positively or negatively. Get your sleep health... MORE

Post-exercise immunity: good news for athletes

in Immunity

Over the past four decades, the relationship between exercise and immunity has been portrayed as something as a double-edged sword: although regular exercise boosts your immunity in the longer term, in the hours immediately after exercise, immunity takes a hit – which can increase your risk of illness and infection, especially colds, coughs and sore... MORE

Think before you run!

in Overuse injuries

Back in 2016, scientists announced that gravitational waves had finally been detected – exactly as predicted by Einstein’s theory of general relativity, published in 1915. How this will change the future for the man in the street is far from clear, but it almost certainly will, and who cannot be excited about the possibility of... MORE

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