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Protein and recovery: why protein matters for performance!

Consuming protein after hard training is known to boost muscle recovery and muscle tissue growth. But does that translate into better performance during subsequent training or racing? Andrew Hamilton looks at new research and comes up with the answer... MORE

Protein Nutrition for peak performance

In this special report on protein, we dig deep into the protein conundrum, from the nutritional fundamentals to cutting edge research and come up with the answers you need to optimise your protein intake for maximum sporting prowess and recovery. MORE

Which whey to go? How to choose the right...

The importance of post-exercise recovery cannot be overstated. If you can recover faster, you can train harder again sooner. And over time, this means getting bigger fitness gains, and with less chance of illness or injury. In recent years, sports nutritionists have come to understand that as well as carbohydrate and fluid, post-exercise protein is... MORE

Weight loss: can you lose weight effectively on a...

Protein and weight control Most people think of protein as a muscle-building nutrient. But as Kevin Tipton explains, new research suggests it could play an important role in weight loss and maintenance. Weight control is a significant issue for many people, including athletes, who may benefit from reduced fat mass to improve performance. In general,... MORE

Energy drink: do protein shakes improve performance?

Should you add protein to sports drinks? Sports drink manufacturers are now adding protein to their products, with claims of enhanced performance and recovery for endurance athletes. But do these claims stand up to scientific scrutiny? Mike Saunders investigates. During long exercise sessions, especially in the heat, you can lose large amounts of fluid and... MORE

Resistance training and muscle protein synthesis

Latest research to increase strength and muscle mass Last time, Gary O’Donovan explained that resistance training guidelines are largely based on poor quality research. Here, in part two of the series, he goes back to the laboratory and explains how the latest research might be used to increase strength and muscle mass. Translational research Basic... MORE

Optimise your protein consumption: the importance of quality

There’s more to protein nutrition than just eating the optimum amount; the timing of consumption and the type of protein selected can both impact on nitrogen balance; and there are a number of nutritional ‘co-factors’ that are either essential or useful in promoting optimum protein metabolism within the body. This is especially true where carbohydrate... MORE

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