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Training intensity: how hard should you train in order...

Owen Anderson looks at how intensely athletes should train to ensure they reap maximum rewards If you push your heart rate above 90% of max during workouts, or cycle along at close to 40k race speed, or swim 200-metre intervals all-out, or run at faster than your 10k pace, you can be quite confident that... MORE

Training plan: monitoring your training intensity

Quantifying the training load of athletes in the ever-faithful training diary has always been of great importance to coaches. But according to Alan Ruddock, without some kind of record of the body’s physiological response to exercise, it’s hard to really assess an athlete’s condition.  Measuring an athlete’s training load through physiological monitoring provides the opportunity... MORE

Is training intensity the real key to building muscle...

Weight training for genuine strength and power gains Article at a glance: The differing types of strength are outlined and commonly used strength training systems identified; The role of training intensity in building muscle mass is discussed and the link between lactate production and generating intensity is explained; The relationship between building muscle mass and optimum... MORE

Training intensity: understanding your VO2max will enable you to...

To find out which level of intensity is right for you, first work out your intensity ‘domains’ If you are serious about training at the right intensity, or find that the sessions set for you are too easy or too difficult, then perhaps you aren’t ‘normalising’ your intensity correctly. When training programmes for endurance athletes... MORE

Peaking: the art of planning and tapering

The traditional annual cycle of training and racing has been turned on its head by lockdown. How can athletes returning to competition ensure they still peak at the right time to maximize performance? MORE

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