Recovery strategies

07/8/2018 |

Which whey to go? How to choose the right...

The importance of post-exercise recovery cannot be overstated. If you can recover faster, you can train harder again sooner. And over time, this means getting bigger fitness gains, and with less chance of illness or injury. In recent years, sports nutritionists have come to understand that as well as carbohydrate and fluid, post-exercise protein is... MORE

Endurance Training

07/11/2018 | Supplements

Older athletes: Don’t let age become a pain!

Older athletes are likely to recover more slowly and suffer more inflammation-related aches and pains. With that in mind, Andrew Hamilton looks at exciting new research on natural plant extracts that can combat inflammation, accelerate recovery and reduce stiffness MORE

07/3/2018 |

Cyclists: position yourself for performance

Positioning yourself on the bike correctly is vital, not only for maximising performance but for staying injury free also. Andrew Hamilton looks at what the recent science says about best practice for cyclists MORE

06/24/2018 |

Heaven nose

Andrew Hamilton presents some of the latest findings from the world of sport performance science MORE


Bumpy road ahead? Don’t feel the pressure!

Although cyclists tend to talk of a ‘sore backside’ after hours in the saddle, it’s the perineum (the narrow area running forwards from the anus to the scrotum) that usually falls victim to pressure-induce trauma. The perineum lies just below a sheet of muscles called the pelvic floor muscles, which support the bladder and bowel.... MORE

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