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Adaptation and injury: why timing is everything

This article explores the relationship between high training volumes and running injury explaining why some adaptations take longer than others, and the implications for skeletal health. It also provides practical advice on form, technique and recovery for minimising injury risk MORE

Risks of sauna-induced weight loss

Sauna-induced dehydration is an effective way for athletes competing in weight class events to lose weight rapidly before competition, according to a new study from Spain. However, female athletes may find the weight loss benefits cancelled out by a decrease in explosive power. Athletes competing in such events as weight-lifting, judo, karate, boxing, rowing and... MORE

Running and body fat – walking the tightrope of...

How to lose fat through running Although it’s immediately apparent that there are substantial differences in physical characteristics between sprinters and long distance runners, elite runners at all distances come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and there are perhaps too many exceptions to make all but the broadest generalisations. Generally speaking though, sprinters... MORE

Midnight snacking may make athletes fatter

The later you stay up at night, the higher your risk of tacking on unwanted body fat. That’s the somewhat strange story which has emerged from recent research carried out in France. The new French studies were carried out because previous research had uncovered two startling facts: (1 ) When factory workers change from day... MORE

The metabolic impact of exercise – or how your...

You finished your workout a couple of hours ago and now you are relaxing as you get your regular fix of Peak Performance. But in fact your body may not be quite as relaxed as you think. There are a number of ways in which exercise can exert lasting physiological effects that persist for long... MORE

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10k training

What does science have to say about the right training programme for the 10K? The arrival of spring no doubt means you’ll be running 10k races more frequently. You’d like to do as well as possible, but trimming your 10k times requires a smart, systematic approach to training, not just a hodgepodge of interval sessions... MORE

A guide to sports drinks, health products and muscle...

How many of these fancily packaged and extravagantly advertised products actually work? In recent years, there’s been an explosion in the quantity and types of sport supplements available and the sports supplement industry is now estimated to be worth a staggering 15 billion US dollars a year. But how many of these fancily packaged and... MORE

Cross training: a triathlon training schedule

It can stop you getting injured and, who knows, might even help you to win Cross training, the use of a different method of training to your normal activity, has been around for years. For example, rowers have not only used weight training as an alternative mode of exercise to improve performances at the regatta... MORE


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