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Feel the burn!

Andrew Hamilton presents some of the latest findings from the world of sport performance science MORE

Efficiency matters

Andrew Hamilton looks at why muscular efficiency matters for endurance athletes and provides practical tips to boost your own efficiency MORE

Gut feeling: keeping the tummy blues at bay

Gastric distress can ruin even the best-laid race plans, and make life generally miserable for endurance athletes in training. Andrew Hamilton looks at the causes of this potentially debilitating condition, and what the science says about how to successfully overcome it MORE

L-Citrulline: what can the watermelon nutrient do for you?

Although the use of amino acids in sports nutrition is quite commonplace, few athletes will be familiar with L-citrulline. With that in mind, Andrew Hamilton looks at some recent research demonstrating that this little known nutrient may have real potential to enhance your sport performance… L-citrulline (referred from here on in simply as ‘citrulline’) is... MORE

Post-exercise immunity: good news for athletes

Over the past four decades, the relationship between exercise and immunity has been portrayed as something as a double-edged sword: although regular exercise boosts your immunity in the longer term, in the hours immediately after exercise, immunity takes a hit – which can increase your risk of illness and infection, especially colds, coughs and sore... MORE

‘Eggsperts’ and the truth about your diet

A friend of mine once jokingly said “An expert is someone who learns more and more about less and less, until eventually, they know everything there is to know about nothing!” But while said in jest, there’s more than a bit of truth to that statement. For example, just last week, a new study by... MORE

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10k training

What does science have to say about the right training programme for the 10K? The arrival of spring no doubt means you’ll be running 10k races more frequently. You’d like to do as well as possible, but trimming your 10k times requires a smart, systematic approach to training, not just a hodgepodge of interval sessions... MORE

A guide to sports drinks, health products and muscle...

How many of these fancily packaged and extravagantly advertised products actually work? In recent years, there’s been an explosion in the quantity and types of sport supplements available and the sports supplement industry is now estimated to be worth a staggering 15 billion US dollars a year. But how many of these fancily packaged and... MORE

Cross training: a triathlon training schedule

It can stop you getting injured and, who knows, might even help you to win Cross training, the use of a different method of training to your normal activity, has been around for years. For example, rowers have not only used weight training as an alternative mode of exercise to improve performances at the regatta... MORE

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