Recovery strategies

01/10/2020 | Masters

Older athletes: don’t get sore, get faster!

All other things being equal, older athletes experience more post-exercise muscle soreness and take longer to recover. But as Peak Performance explains, applying knowledge from recent sport nutrition research could help masters athletes recover faster... MORE

Endurance Training

03/29/2020 | Equipment

Stay at home, stay strong

With most gyms and strength-training facilities closed for the foreseeable future, many athletes will be wondering how they can maintain their all-important strength levels. But as Peak Performance explains, setting up your own home gym could be easier than you think MORE

11/4/2019 | Overuse injuries

Cycling injury prevention: take a hands on approach

For most cyclists, the word ‘injury’ normally conjures up images of impacts sustained from collisions or knee and lower back injuries. However, the hand/handlebar interface can lead to chronic problems in the hand and wrist. Andrew Hamilton explains why, and looks at preventative steps MORE

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